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Mecan River Brewing Company

"Come for the bathroom, Stay for the beer!"



This website is inactive but Mecan River Brewing Company is very active!! What is going on? Head on over to Mecan River Brewing Company on Facebook to  get the full scoop on us. Limited days, hours and pizzas! 

About Us


Mecan River Brewing Company

Wendy and I both share a love of craft beer and spent our summers traveling around on our motorcycles to see what Wisconsin breweries had to offer.  Our travels took us to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Minnesota and as far away as Alaska in search of great beer.  This love of trying unique fresh beers from around the United States, inspired us to open up our own Nano Brewery here in Central Wisconsin.  With over 10 years of brewing experience, we wanted to share our love of fresh beer with our community and travelers from around the country. 

Located on the crossroads of Interstate 39 and Highway 21, Coloma is a very easy place to find.  You will find a relaxing atmosphere with good conversation to be had.  We look forward to having you as our guest!


Most FAQ - "Why Beer?"

Well, if there is anything I have learned is that the hobby doesn't usually end up where it started. Honeybees was our start, into Mead, then Wine and being beer people it just took a switch. Especially once we started traveling and discovering all the more sophisticated ways of drinking craft brew!  Watch our website or Facebook page to stay informed of all of our offerings.  


Our Goals

We have MANY! We are a nano brewery so that limits us at times. And when I say "nano" it really means more than just the brewery. We intend on staying small in order to keep the quality of our pizza as well as that relationship Bill and I feel is important. There are many great things we would like to see happen here at good old MRBC. I hope you'll stick around to watch us grow!


W&W (William & Wendy)

P.S. How could I forget the bathroom? Having been open for nearing a year now, it is guaranteed someone will mention something about the bathroom.....I guess you'll just have to come and check it out for yourself.   : ) 

Beer Menu / Price List

There is always something fermenting on the premises of MRBC! Watch for new brew releases on FB! Be sure to check out our Mug Club, the savings and perks are hard to pass up!

Contact Us

Mecan River Brewing Company

113 East Main Street, P.O.Box 352, Coloma, Wisconsin 54930, United States

(715) 281-3506


Sun. - Tues.- Closed

Wed. 4:00  - 8:00 

Thurs.  4:00  -8:00 

Fri.  2:00  - 9:00 

Sat. 2:00 - 10:00 

CLOSED - Thanksgiving Day

*No carry outs on pizzas between April 30 & Sept. 30. Dine in only.  Available  Thursday through Saturday nights. Call ahead for reservations.

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